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Whether you choose the interactive group nature of my workshops, or the focused individual 1:1 sessions you will find yourself in a supportive and safe environment to really explore who you are, what you want to be, do, have, experience in your life and the inspiration and motivation to encourage you to push past the barriers holding you back, to re-emerge to the amazing YOU!

My goal is to create a community of likeminded people and every ‘Re-emerging' person will be able to join my private Facebook group so new friendships can be forged, experiences shared in an inspiring yet supportive and private environment.


My workshops are interactive, thought provoking, inspiring and motivational!

Have you ever had the time to really think and reflect on who you are and the labels that define you? Amidst the company of likeminded people, come and explore!

Workshops vary in length and topic – each one addresses different areas and can be attended as individual workshops or sign up for the whole programme and really reap the benefits as the sessions complement and build on each other! This could be the single most important thing you do for yourself this year.

Workshops are always in small groups so you benefit from connecting with other people.

Examples of current workshops are:

•  Get LUCKY– Discover how being LUCKY will achieve the changes you want in your life!

A workshop exploring how becoming lucky and setting goals walk hand in hand in the journey to achieving your dreams and aspirations

•  What is holding you back from achieving your dreams? - Explore fear and the personal parrot panto!

Discover what fear is and how it impacts you. Explore your own limitations and begin to see the infinite potential within you

•  Who do you think you are? - Peel off the labels and explore the real YOU

Take time to look at who you are – the identities and labels that define you – and who you really are once you start to peel them off. Explore your core values and passions.

•  Declutter your life, your mind – create space for positive change!

Such busy lives we lead but is it all necessary? Take time to work out what you want to spending time and energy on, and how to discard the rest of the clutter that saps your energy

•  Explore your infinite potential - Create a dream collage inspiring you to achieve all that you want in your life

Create a colourful collage of your dreams and aspirations, a visual focus for your energy, bringing your vision to life and letting the universe know you are serious about your intentions


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