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Rachel's one to one coaching has not only made a positive impact with vague goals I had initially set myself, but with areas of my life I didn't realise needed some attention.   Rachel guided me to see what I couldn't and enabled me to focus on a clear path to success.  Since working with Rachel I have set up my own company which is going form strength to strength, my relationship with my partner is fantastic and I've lost a stone and a half!

JW - London

Having split from my partner and finding myself in the uncertain position of single mum to a year old baby I looked for a Life Coach who could help me work through the daily challenges that seemed to present themselves over and over again and trip me up time and time again. Having felt initially apprehensive about sharing these aspects of my life with someone I didn't previously know I was delighted to meet Rachel properly and find my concerns evaporate as her warm professional manner put me instantly at ease. I have been delighted with the progress I have made in achieving my goal of overcoming these obstacles and am in no doubt at all that this is due in very large part to the guidance and Coaching that I have received from Rachel, she has an uncanny way of making me see both the hidden and the blindingly obvious which alone I have managed to previously miss! Whilst now on something of an even keel I continue to have sessions, albeit less frequently than at first, as I continue to learn things about myself I had never known before.  I have no hesitation at all in recommending Rachel's Coaching to anyone who feels that they are in need of something other than traditional Counselling to help them move forward positively in their life in whatever context that may be.

SJ - West Malling

"Rachel provides perspective and clarity where there was little or none – hugely helpful in sorting out priorities and setting clear, positive goals."

KB - London

Your Vision Board Workshop, which I attended in the summer, was really well planned and well structured and my initial concern at ‘opening up' to my thoughts and feelings was soon dispelled.   The direction you gave us to enable us to reach our goal of a truly inspirational Vision Board was excellent and the process was certainly thought provoking and quite cathartic.  Even though we were in a group, I didn't feel intimidated and for most of the time I was able to focus solely on my personal ‘visions' quietly and most enjoyably.  It was a lovely ‘my time' experience.   I have to say I was delighted with the finished Vision Board and the one-one follow up with you afterwards was extremely helpful.

P.S  -  Maidstone

My life coaching sessions have really helped me to take a step back and see the bigger picture, gaining some perspective and helping me to focus on what is really important to me. This has helped me to decide on what  I want to change in my life and how to make those changes happen.

Rachel is so friendly and instantly put me at ease, a truly inspirational lady.

PT - West Malling


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