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Philosophy of re-emerging

Throughout our lives we are labeled – for the relationships we hold with people such as being a daughter, mum, wife, girlfriend; for the things that we do, for example being a teacher, athlete, housewife; or for the things that happen to us, such as bereavement, divorce, redundancy, a victim of crime or ill health.

With each of these labels comes definition and expectations of our behaviour and presence in the world. These expectations are driven by beliefs, society, culture, and past experiences – expectations by others around us (known to us and strangers) and most importantly expectations of ourselves.

Ever caught yourself saying or thinking I should do that, I must go there, I ought to be because I'm a …(apply your own label!) . If you're like me, no doubt you have. It's at this point that our labels go beyond just identifying us and start to define how we think and act. Of course we don't have just one label – we have many, all of which begin to cover up and squeeze out the real essence of who you are. Inner turmoil and conflict can result, with resentment building up and before you know it you have lost sight of who the real you is as you spend all your energy living up to the expectations of the labels and identities placed upon you.

Re-emerging is about providing a safe space with freedom to start unpeeling these layers and revealing your true self, accepting yourself for who you really are and then learning to love that true self.

Re-emerging because throughout life things happen, as relationships come and go, roles change, and so do the labels and identities. It is an ongoing process and the more self aware you become the easier it will be to peel off the labels and have the courage and freedom to be the real you in every aspect of your life.


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