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Therapeutic coaching

Individual 1:1 sessions

Need some more focused input? Feeling so lost under the labels you need a buddy to walk alongside for a while? These individual 1:1 sessions offer the perfect space to focus totally on you, giving you time and space to explore the very core of you – your purpose, your passions, dreams and aspirations, what holds you back from living them. And most importantly focuses on making long term change

My approach is 'person centred' which means I will tailor each session to your needs using a combination of NLP, spiritual, intuitive creative arts therapy and traditional coaching methods to faciliate you making the changes you need to make in your life.

Therapeutic NLP and Hypnotherapy

    • Neuro (your mind and how it works).
    • Linguistic (the language you use and how it affects you).
    • Programming (how you sequence your actions to achieve your goals).


NLP helps us take control of our lives through the way we think, feel and behave. In simple terms it is about how and why two people can interpret and respond to exactly the same event in two very different ways! And how we internally respond to external events and situations will be largely determined by our past experiences and our core values and beliefs. Accessing the unconscious mind through hypnosis allows for conversations to take place to challenge and transform limiting self-beliefs, change patterns of non-useful behaviour, heal and let go of negative past emotions, or anxieties about the future.

It is an extremely effective way of creating change in people, improving performance and achieving better results. It can get rid of phobias and limiting beliefs, eradicating unhelpful memories and sets in place powerful triggers for hugely positive results.

Spiritual, Intuitive and Creative Arts Therapy

I believe we all have infinite potential and what holds us back from tapping into this infinite potential are our fears, past experiences, negative stories, limiting beliefs and blocks to taking action. Spiritual, intuitive and creative arts therapy enables you to connect with your inner wisdom and potential to heal by using powerful techniques such as past and future life progression, accessing your own intuition, creative play, art and journaling and energy cord cutting.

Traditional Coaching

This is essentially a dialogue between us about the changes you want to make in your life. I will help guide you to your own solutions through effective listening and questioning, sometimes challenging your beliefs and behaviours, though never judging and rarely advising. You have the answers – the coaching conversation helps guide you to them.


A limited number of VIP days have been put aside for the ultimate mind, body and soul re-emergence. The day will be tailored to suit your individual requirements and will include a stress busting massage to relax the body and calm the mind, eradicating limiting beliefs and blocks through meditation, hypnotherapy and integrative art; and the creation of a dream collage to set you on your path.

Public Speaking

Rachel is available for public speaking events – talking about the re-emerging programme and her own personal journey re-emerging from widowhood to a life of happiness, passion and fulfillment.


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